Communicating with Us

Hours of Operation

The office is open from 8:00 AM to 4:15 PM, Monday to Thursday, with lunch from 12:15 - 12:45.  We are open 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon on Friday.

(Note: We begin answering the telephone at 8:15 AM).

Telephone Calls

If you call our office we will strive to efficiently respond to your concerns.  

First the attendent will ask you the reason for your call (e.g. make appointment, billing, or medical question).  Your call will then be routed to the appropriate person. 

For medical questions, the medical assistant will ask you to describe your concerns in more detail and then relay this information to your rheumatologist.  After this discussion the she will call you back with our recommendations.  As an alternative you may submit questions or request a prescription refill via our Patient Portal.  After registration with our front office, you can access this from the link on our homepage.

We consider it our priority to attend to the patients in the office and want to give them uninterrupted attention at that time.  For this reason the physicians do not routinely handle phone personally. 


An alternative way to communicate with us is via out WMR webportal.  Our practice is required by Medicare regulations to make important health information available via a webportal.  Our portal is designed and maintained by our EMR vender to be secure and HIPAA compliant.  Through the portal you can

  • Send messages to their doctor’s office
  • Request a prescription refill
  • Check lab results (implementation in progress)
  • View current and past account statements
  • Review you financial status with WMR

This is a service which is provided to you free of charge. You can become we benabled by talking to a front office team member. You simply need a personal email address.  Your information will not be used for outside marketing of any kind.  You can access our portal 24 hours a day/7 days a week via a link from our website  

Using the Webportal

Once you log in you will see your "dashboard".  This page gives you a preview and link to the key areas of the site.

We have begun to implement the portal and over time you will see increasing number of features and benefits to using it.   We encourage you to give it a try and see it helps to communication more effectively with us.

  • Send a message or request to your doctor's assistant

First go to the portal, under message select "Refill, Lab or Referral" request and you will see the dialogue box displayed below.  Type your subject and message and then click the yellow "Submit" button.    We will strive to respond to your request by the end of the next business day.  If the nature of you request is urgent, please telephone us.  If you are having a medical emergency please do not wait, go to the nearest hospital emergency department and have the doctors contact us.

  • Request a prescription refill

First go to the portal, under current medication select request refill and you will see the your medications listed.   Check the box to the left of the medication you would like a refill for, and then click the yellow "Refill Request" button. 

You can then select the desired pharmacy and type in any other information that you think we should know. Then click the yellow "Submit" button.   The assistant will review your request with the doctor on the next business day and act on your request as appropriate.

  • Check your financial statement 

It is easy to look up the current status of you charges and payments at WMR. We are not yet able to accept payment through our website.  You can pay your bill via your bank website or print your current bill from our website and mail this with a check or payment instructions to our office.

Simplify your life by using the Healow Smart Phone Ap

healow screenshot

Use Healow the free phone Ap for juggling multiple provider accounts and portals  to link all of your providers together in a single location. For example you can consolidate eHealth by merging our WMR portal with MercyHealth or SpectrumHealth portals. One username and one password is all you need to obtain access to all of your provider accounts. 

A few points about communicating with our office

If your call is of a routine matter, it will be handled as soon as our schedule allows.  Most calls are handled within a few hours.  Occasionally calls regarding test results or requesting a medication refill may take longer. Often patients call, leave a message and leave on an errand. Your concern can be resolved most promptly if you provide us a phone number and the time when you can can be reached. At this time WMR does not routinely charge for occasional prescription refills,  but we do request as much as possible that you plan ahead and ensure this are taken care of at the time of your office visit.

After the office closes each night, the on-call physician is available for urgent medical questions.  If you have what you feel is a medical emergency we encourage you to go immediately to the closest hospital emergency department. 

Routine prescription refills are not available at night or over the weekend, as your medical record may not be available to the physician on call to review.  If you mistakenly run out of medication and need an urgent refill after hours, there may be a fee assessed to your account for this service - to be paid at the time of the next office visit.

To access the on call physician, simply call our office at 616.459.8088. A message will provide the appropriated number to contact. If you have not heard back within 60 minutes, pleased call the physician again. 

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