Stem Cells in Scleroderma?

Regenerative Effects of Fat Derived Stem Cells in Scleroderma?

More than 90 percent of scleroderma patients have hand involvement, which is typically progressive with pain, blood flow changes, and severe loss of function.

WMR collaborated with Cytori Therapeutics in conducting the STAR Trial, Phase III pivotal clinical trial of 80 patients with impaired hand function from scleroderma. The trial  evaluated the one-year safety and effectiveness of a single administration of Cytori Cell Therapy: ECCS-50 in patients with scleroderma affecting the hands.  WMR was the second largest center in the US in this study. 

In a previously published trial, SCLERADEC I, conducted at Hospital de la Conception in France that demonstrated significant improvement in hand function, pain, and Raynaud’s severity in patients with scleroderma affecting the hands.

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