WMR Faculty Publishes Invited Manuscript 


In November Rheumatic Disease Clinics of North America will publish a special issue focusing on “Drug Safety: Managing Innovation in Rheumatology.”  This includes invited manuscripts from national experts including WMR faculty,  Dr. Richard Martin.  WMR has a productive research thread evaluating risk communication related to anti-rheumatic drugs which has been recently received increasing national attention.  This is another example of relevant research which translates to improved patient care. 

Article synopsis:  When proposing a new therapy, rheumatologists must inform patients of a range of therapeutic options and support them towards making an informed decision.   These decisions are often made over time and involve multiple stakeholders.   This article introduces definitions of equipoise and a good decision, contrast persuasion from informed patient choice, and discuss the effects of patient characteristics including cognition on decision-making.  In addition it describes, and offers examples, of techniques and visual formats to present risk estimates to reduce cognitive bias and maximize patient comprehension. 

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